My Ghosties

Hello again!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, which isn’t to say I haven’t thought about writing.  In fact, I’ve thought about writing a post almost everyday.  So what kept me from sitting down and pecking one out?  Well, I guess it’s idea of “for who?”  It brings up the question: when do you share a blog?

My husband is a blogger and the second I told him I was going to start my own he told me he’d share it with everyone as soon as I was ready. But, when am I ready?  Do you share your blog right away and hope you keep up with it?  Do you do what I’m doing and gain a backlog of posts so there’s something to actually share?  Is it something in the middle?  This has been my struggle.  Without a following – who are you writing for?  I’ve lovingly starting referring to the invisible following as my ghosties.

So with that all said, I’m going to start a Pinterest board just for this blog and share some ideas there.  I’m hoping to get out a birthday party review post soon.  They’ll be a ton of photos from Nola’s big day and I’ll gradually get up links for some tutorials!

Until then…see ya soon ghosties!


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