April showers

I’m not sure where you are located, but here in NY – the weather has been teasing us!  Yesterday was almost 90 degrees and today is rainy and gross.  On days like today, I try to use the girls’ nap time to craft and get some things off the to-do list.  We might not be able to get outside, but at least I can say things got done!

This week I moved away from birthday party crafting and worked on my deck!  The whole fall/winter season we were out there with no railings.  With Nola’s party less than a month away, it was time to get those bad boys back up!  After months of research, I found a pretty thorough video that showed me exactly how to get it done.  I know the typical or “correct” way is to sink posts, but I really didn’t want to go through all that.  I called over my mom fora helping hand and with a quick trip to Lowes the wood and screws were in my possession!  I’ve worked on it for the past few days, and remarkably – it’s looking pretty awesome.

This project has brought up one of my ultimate pet peeves.  I hate it when people feel the need to butt in on situations they are not a part of.  Perfect example was yesterday.  I’m outside drilling pilot holes, screwing these spindles into a perfectly framed deck (some epic work by the one and only Mama Dotts!); and my neighbor decided to pop over and tell me “you know, you’re going to have to sink corner posts.”  Now, this guy is super nice and I don’t have a problem with him. However, he always feels the need to tell us “how it’s done”.   How to clean our siding, why pay for professionals to paint the house – just do it this way, etc.. I proceeded to tell him that I know that’s the typical way, but I did some research and I don’t need posts and I’ve had a carpenter look over the plans, blah, blah, blah. He just gave me that *I think you’re wrong* look and said “good luck with that”.  I smiled and said thanks and that it couldn’t be worse than what it was. What I wanted to say was “sir – if my husband was out here and told you the same thing…would you have doubted him as much as you did me??  My gut says – NO!  If I mess this up, that’s on me! That’s my time and money.  I don’t need you to tell me how I have to do it.”  Gah!!!  It’s so infuriating!  Ok – end of rant…

We all have things that can make us go crazy – what are some of your pet peeves?  In the meantime, here are some deck in progress pics!


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