Check…check… Is this thing on?

If so – hi ya’ll!

I’m starting this blog for a two main reasons.  The first is since leaving my full-time job to take after my little goons, I’ve felt like my only purpose is to keep the house in order, get dinner on the table, and make sure the girls survive the day (Mamas out there – you know what I mean).  So, that said, I want a place where I can put on a cast recording most people have never heard of and escape to a land of crafting and pretty pictures.  The second is for everyone else! I feel like every time I want to start a new project, so much time goes into the research stage of figuring out how to do it.  Are there any tutorials out there? Am I going to have to put it together by Pinterest pictures with no link?  I hope to create a blog that I would want find.  As many pictures and step by step tutorials as I can manage!

I’d love to hear what you guys are working on in the comments!

So…all that said… WELCOME!!  Here’s a picture of my goons, because – why not!IMG_0900


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